Who is the Adventurer?

It’s important to note that the adventurer gives benefits and features to all players, at its core, the adventurer expands the playing field for everyone, and provides additional features and rewards to landowners as well. The Adventurer will provide added bonuses to future characters when they are released! Simply put, the adventurer is the core of our new game mode and is focused on adding gamified rewards to everyone who owns an adventurer.

Adventurer Mode

When you own and stake an adventurer, you unlock the Adventurer Mode.
The first stage of the Adventures Feature allows a player to send their adventurer on an adventure to search for Adventure Orbs, each time the player’s adventurer returns from their adventure (24 hours after sending the adventurer on the adventure) the player will have a chance of receiving an Adventure Orb or small amounts of our Tokens at the cost of one Box Maze World Coin.

Requirement: 1 x Adventurer (staked)
Cost: 1 x Box Maze World Coin per Adventure (burnt)

Drop Date: 30th September 2022| 16:00UTC
Landowner Price: $20 in WAXP
Active Player Price: $22.5 in WAXP | Apply Here
Public Price: $25 in WAXP
Drop Supply: 500


Orbs can contain a large variety of equipment and other resources, but more importantly, orbs can be blended along with coins, equipment, or other resources to give the player the chance or discovering Base Land!
Orbs can only be discovered by The Adventurer!


Lands will help sustain your health and power consumption while mining. For now, tokens will be airdropped to land owners on a weekly bases, claiming tokens from land within the game will be incorporated in a later update)
For example, a Tier 1 BMP Land will produce enough BMP to sustain your account up to level 10. Consumption and token earnings can be seen in the attached image at the bottom of this article.

Landowners earn tokens and a chance at free loot weekly.

Become eligible for the Gold Pass NFT.

Upgradable using characters.

Tier 1–3 are obtainable in our land packs while tier 4 and higher are only obtainable by upgrading your existing land. To upgrade your land to the next tier you will need to blend it along with another land of the same resource type.

Our Vision

Our vision is straightforward and focused. As passionate gamers in the blockchain space, we are determined to revolutionize the Play to Earn gaming sector, specifically through our Burn to Earn concept. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional gaming experience to you while introducing innovative core mechanics that will help redefine the current Play to Earn landscape.
Our team is driven by a shared passion for gaming, and we are committed to creating a game that we, as creators, would love to play ourselves. We understand the importance of an immersive and engaging gaming experience. That’s why we are dedicated to building a game that not only entertains but also establishes an economy that directly impacts us (the team) as players, as well as you, the player community.
We don’t just develop games; we actively participate in playing our own creations and believe in developing friendly relations with each and every one of our players. This firsthand experience allows us to better understand the needs and desires of our players, enabling us to continually improve and enhance the gaming experience in Box Maze World.
By merging our passion for gaming with blockchain technology, we aim to provide a gaming environment that offers both enjoyment and tangible rewards. We strive to create an ecosystem where the in-game economy has a direct and meaningful impact on all players involved.
We are excited to embark on this journey and invite you to join us in the world of Box Maze World, where gaming meets earning in a truly unique and explosive way. Together, we can shape the future of blockchain gaming and redefine what it means to be an active player in our gaming community.

Basic Info

Box Maze World is an interactive game that implements a burn-to-earn leveling system, where the amount of tokens you can earn increases as you progress to higher levels. To advance your level, you must infuse equipment by burning it in-game. Each level corresponds to a specific number of tokens that you can earn and claim.
Initially, you are required to claim your tokens every two hours. However, as you achieve higher levels, the cooldown time for claiming tokens is increased by the tier system. The tier system is linked to your level and determines the cooldown time for earning tokens. As you reach specific milestones, you unlock higher tiers that extend the claim time. For example, reaching level 11 unlocks tier 2 mining, which doubles the claim time to four hours. Reaching level 21 unlocks tier 3 mining, further increasing the claim time to six hours and so forth. The current maximum level attainable in Box Maze World is 500 which unlocks tier 50 and a 100 hour cooldown time. Levels are permanent and can only increase as you continue to infuse more equipment into your account. It is important to note that levels cannot be reduced once achieved.
In Box Maze World, there is no maximum limit on the number of equipment slots available to players. The main focus of the game revolves around leveling up and progressing through the tiers to earn more tokens.
Aside from the burn-to-earn leveling system, Box Maze World offers additional gameplay features to enhance the overall experience. These include an Adventure mode, where players can embark on an adventure every 24 hours to obtain orbs which can be used in weekly limited blends to discover land or other NFTs, PvP (player versus player) battles for competitive interactions (currently being reworked), and a Solar System that provides additional opportunities within the game’s universe.
Overall, Box Maze World combines the thrill of leveling up and earning tokens through equipment infusion with various engaging gameplay elements, making it an ever evolving immersive and rewarding gaming experience.

Road Map


  • Used in all equipment crafting recipes.
  • Staked to maintain the Solar System.
  • Used in special blends
  • Circulating Supply: 500,000,000

  • Used to restore consumed energy.
  • Used to increase max energy bar beyond the default value.
  • Used to plant trees to maintain the Solar System.
  • Used to repair consumed health.
  • Used to increase max health bar beyond the default value.
  • Used to plant trees to maintain the Solar System.
  • Meet the Team

    Johan Beneke
    CEO | Founder

    With 12 years experience in web design and 5 years experience in game development, the founder of Box Maze World has strategically formulated this game to nuclear levels!! His avid Blockchain Gaming enthusiasm since the eosio conception has prepared him to create the biggest bomb to ever drop on the AtomicHub platform!

    Matthew Beneke
    CMO | Co-Founder

    This co-founder has over a decade of experience in the IT industry, as well as being the early bird in numerous P2E blockchain games. He brings with him a vast amount of mechanical and marketing knowledge to the core of this project! He aims to transform this nuclear fission into nuclear fusion, where each and every one of our players create the critical mass needed for an explosive experience!

    Micaela Putter
    Lead Artist

    Visual art and art conceptualization are key passions for this artist in particular. Her contributions have been nuclear in enhancing the look and feel of the Box Maze world, bringing a new definition of reactivity and explosiveness to the once two-dimensional reality of the original Box Maze.

    Abdul Manan
    Lead Developer

    8 years of web development experience and 3 years of blockchain EOS/WAX



    Company Info:
    Durban, South Africa
    Registration Number: 2022/454491/07