Adventurers provide an easy and cost-effective way to begin playing and earning in Box Maze World. By owning and staking an Adventurer, you can earn tokens or an orb each day, orbs can be used in weekly blends to obtain chests, PvP loot, and even Basic Land.

Who is the Adventurer?

It’s important to note that the adventurer gives benefits and features to all players, at its core, the adventurer expands the playing field for everyone, and provides additional features and rewards to landowners as well. The Adventurer will provide added bonuses to future characters when they are released! Simply put, the adventurer is the core of our new game mode and is focused on adding gamified rewards to everyone who owns an adventurer.

Adventurer Mode

When you own and stake an adventurer, you unlock the Adventurer Mode.
The first stage of the Adventures Feature allows a player to send their adventurer on an adventure to search for Adventure Orbs, each time the player’s adventurer returns from their adventure (24 hours after sending the adventurer on the adventure) the player will have a chance of receiving an Adventure Orb or small amounts of our Tokens at the cost of one Box Maze World Coin.

Requirement: 1 x Adventurer (staked)
Cost: 1 x Box Maze World Coin per Adventure (burnt)


Orbs can contain a large variety of equipment and other resources, but more importantly, orbs can be blended along with coins, equipment, or other resources to give the player the chance or discovering Base Land!
Orbs can only be discovered by The Adventurer!


Lands will help sustain your health and power consumption while mining. For now, tokens will be airdropped to land owners on a weekly bases, claiming tokens from land within the game will be incorporated in a later update)
For example, a Tier 1 BMP Land will produce enough BMP to sustain your account up to level 10. Consumption and token earnings can be seen in the attached image at the bottom of this article.

Landowners earn tokens and a chance at free loot weekly.

Become eligible for the Gold Pass NFT.

Upgradable using characters.

Tier 1–3 are obtainable in our land packs while tier 4 and higher are only obtainable by upgrading your existing land. To upgrade your land to the next tier you will need to blend it along with another land of the same resource type.


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