Damaged Chest Orb

Chest Orb

Damaged Chest Orbs can only be repaired by Chest Crafter Owners

Chest Orbs contain one of two chests
80% Small Chest | 20% Big Chest

Small Chest
Contain 1 Equipment.

80% Common Equipment
19% Rare Equipment
1% Epic  Equipment

Big Chest
Contain 3 Equipment.

45% Rare Equipment
50% Epic Equipment
5% Legendary Equipment

Coin Crafters

How to create a coin crafter?
1. Craft a BMC Coin Crafter Shard in-game using BMC (50% base cost)
*Supply unlimited, you shouldn’t craft one unless you intend to purchase the WAXP shard.
2. Buy a WAXP Coin Crafter Shard in a drop for WAXP (50% base cost)
*WAXP Coin Crafter Shard drop is Whitelisted to BMC Coin Crafter Shard Holders, so craft your BMC Coin Crafter Shard Holders first.
3. Visit the blend and combine both Coin Crafter Shards to create a Coin Crafter.

The player now owns a Coin Crafter.

WAXP Coin Crafter Shard Drop
Diamond VIP: 20% discount
Diamond Planet Owner: 20% discount
Planet Owners: 20% discount
Landowners: 20% discount
VIP: 20% discount
Star & Moon Owners: 20% discount
Adventurer Players: 20% discount
Fight Ring Owners: 20% discount
Rocky or Cubert Owners: 20% discount
Public: No Discount (limited to 20 Crafter Shards)

A total of 20 Coin Crafters will be available in a public sale at full price.

10% allocated to taco liquidity pools.

Coin Crafter Max Supply
First 50 Coin Crafters $37.50 (50% BMC | 50% WAX)
Last 50 Coin Crafters $62.50 (50% BMC | 50% WAX)

Chest Coin Owners
1. Once a week, we will take a snapshot of coin crafter owners and create a Whitelisted blend.
2. Crafter owners need to craft a Damaged Coin Orb in-game and repair it using a Whitelisted blend.
3. Coin Crafter Owners can repair 1 Damaged Coin Orb per week.
Coin Orbs can be opened to create 15 coins.
*Damaged Coin Orb Supply is unlimited, you shouldn’t craft one unless you own a Crafter, if you decide to craft a Damaged Coin Orb, you will be able to sell it on secondary.

Damaged Coin Orb

Coin Orb

Damaged Coin Orbs can only be repaired by Coin Crafter Owners


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