Burn Orbs, PvP NFTs, Equipment, and Chests to
Earn Fire Crystals

For every NFT you burn using the blend links below, you will receive Fire Crystals as per the following:
Orbs: 1 Fire Crystal
PvP NFTS: 1 Fire Crystal
Equipment: 2x  Fire Crystals
Chests: 3 x Fire Crystals

Fire Crystals?

Fire Crystals can be used in all upcoming Burn Events to earn Unique NFTs!

Next Burn Event
Find The 1/1 Diamond Harvey

Burn 10 x Fire Crystals for a 1% chance at finding Diamond Harvey using the blend link.

The first 24 hours of the blend will be open to Harvester owners only
(you will need to unstake at least 1 harvester to do the blend).
After 24 hours, the blend will become public.

Diamond Harvey Benefits

700 BMP or BMR p/h
Guaranteed chance of finding 2 BMC Crystal per week
Free transportation from planet to planet



Company Info:
Durban, South Africa
Registration Number: 2022/454491/07