All loot currently available in the Orb Blend!

Orbs can be burnt in weekly pre-minted blends to receive a random loot item, but most importantly, these weekly pre-minted blends give players the possibility of discovering Land! Once a week, a new pre-minted blend will be added with new items, and a total of 3 x BMP Basic Land and 3 x BMR Basic Land NFTs will become discoverable each week. A total of 180 BMP Basic Lands and 180 BMR Lands will become discoverable over the course of the next 60 weeks. Once all 360 Basic Lands have been discovered, no more lands will ever be created again and a new feature will be released along with a new NFT to replace the role of the land within these blends. Basic Lands can be blended together to begin upgrading your Land Tier. Orbs can also be burnt along with equipment, resources, and other items in special events!
Note: Orbs can only be discovered by The Adventurer!

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Registration Number: 2022/454491/07