Crystals and Fight Rings

Crystals are the “Orbs” of PvP, they will be used in weekly blends to earn all sorts of PvP items. Weekly blends will only require 1 Crystal.

1. Players stake champions into a fight ring.
2. Fight ring owners set their own rules for Teams or Solo in their fight club and determine winners.
3. Box maze world provides prizes to fight ring owners and fight ring owners distribute the prizes to winners.
4. Fight ring owners are rewarded based on their performance.

Customizable PvP Team

The Team Token grants you the ability to build your very own team in Box Maze World Champions! The brand new PVP expansion of Box Maze World! Team Tokens can be burnt into a fully customizable Team NFT with your very own team name and logo. Assign player-owned champions to your team and start building your team’s legacy by winning the Box Maze World Season One Championship!
Community owners can apply for a free Team.

Contains 2 Weapons

50% Common — 1 SP
25% Rare — 2 SP
17% Epic — 4 SP
7% Legendary — 8 SP
1% Mythic — 16 SP
*SP = Strength Points

Contains 2 Champions

50% Kiehan | 1 SP
25% Josh | 2 SP
17% Rick | 4 SP
7% Cubert | 8 SP
1% Rocky | 16 SP
*SP = Strength Points

Company Info:
Durban, South Africa
Registration Number: 2022/454491/07